Your Brain is Amazing

train your brain healthy

Did you know that your brain is constantly evolving? Neuroplasticity is this cool term used to describe your brain as being able to continually change through new brain synapses and new neurological pathways.

When you think positively, you are constantly creating positive pathways that your brain can route to more easily. You can create pain pathways that make you feel worse if you are constantly focused on your pain.

When you meditate or exercise, you actually create more gray matter and improve executive and cognitive function in your brain. You can expand your brain through your daily habits, AND improve your brain through positive thought!

This is fascinating and great news! This means that you can improve your happiness, you can learn any new skill, and you can create more capacity for creativity!!

Never underestimate yourself… you are pretty amazing!


I haven’t even realized it but this is what I’ve been doing for the last 7 years.  I discovered personal development in 2010 and haven’t turned back.  My thoughts used to be so dark and depressing.  I never had positive expectations so I could never be disappointed.

When I realized that I had to CHOOSE happy thoughts in order to be happy, I just made a decision.  I’m going to choose happy from now on.  I listened to every motivational cd I could get my hands on.  I used affirmations, started a meditation practice, journaled about positive things.  Eventually, it became a habit to turn to the positive in everything.

Now, don’t get me wrong… the negative thoughts still pass through.  Sometimes I hold onto them… but most of the time I just let them go.  And if I catch myself holding onto negative thoughts or spiraling into anxiety, I let that go to.

You can’t let yourself get caught in the cycle of feeling bad, and then feeling bad because you are feeling bad.  It just keeps getting worse, and its addicting. 

You have to make a decision to use positive thought as your way out of that pattern.  Keep creating those positive pathways and happiness with become your norm.

If you want to become a healthy person, continue to make decisions that reflect that.  Eventually you WILL be the healthy person you desired to be.  You can create ANYTHING you want for yourself.

If you want to be successful, read books on success.  Set goals and keep them top of mind by rewriting them often.  Listen to podcasts and audio books on whatever it is you desire to have.  And most importantly, never give up.  Be persistent.

Your brain is capable of changing, no matter how you have been programmed up until this point in your life.  You can reprogram your brain to change your habits, overcome depression, and heal your body.

Your brain is pretty amazing!


You will find everything from motivation and mindset to fitness and nutrition, all for strong and resilient women, right here. I am passionate about helping women live a vibrant and purpose driven life, by helping them to love their bodies and their lives through self care and inspiring ideas.

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