Diet Friendly Cilantro Lime Tilapia with Sides

So, I made this dinner the other night, and it was phenomenal!! You really can’t beat the flavor in this dish considering how healthy and low calorie it is! This is actually three recipes in one, tilapia, zucchini and tomato side dish, and spinach side salad. I make home made dressings because they contain only fresh ingredients. Store bought dressings contain high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients that you don’t want to be consuming (trust me). Keep the left over dressing for a week. Enjoy!!


4 Tilapia Filets (about 1lb)

1 lime

1 tbsp chopped cilantro

1 tsp olive oil (I just use my Misto)

1 medium zucchini

1/2 cup cherry tomatoes

garlic passed through a garlic press

1 tsp olive oil (same thing with the misto!!)

1/2 cup raspberry vinegar

1tbsp mint leaves, finely chopped

1/2 cup raspberries

1 tbsp of honey (or 10 drops of stevia)

1/8 cup chopped almonds

3 cups baby spinach


Tilapia Instructions:

– Preheat oven to 400 degrees

– Place tilapia in a baking dish, spray with olive oil or brush tsp of olive oil over fish

– Sprinkle the cilantro evenly over fish, and salt and pepper to taste

– Squeeze lime juice generously over fish

– Bake about 15 minutes or until the fish flakes easily with a fork

– It couldn’t be easier than that!!


Zucchini and tomato side dish instructions:

– slice the zucchini into thin circles, and cut your cherry tomatoes into halves.

– heat up a bit of oil in a pan and place the zucchini evenly into the pan so they are not over lapping. (you may have to do these in batches if you have a small pan or a lot of zucchini)

– cook for 2-3 minutes on one side and flip the coins over. They should brown slightly on each side.

– add your garlic and tomatoes to the pan, and mix the whole thing together.

– keep stirring lightly and add salt and pepper to taste. (You won’t have to cook the tomatoes for long, or they will shrivel up. Only stir them until they become warm.

– Serve and enjoy!!


Rasperry Vinegarette side salad

– Place rasperries into a food processer and blend until smooth

– In a mason jar, combine vinegar, mint, processed berries, and honey (or stevia)

– Place the lid on the jar and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!! (makes 6 servings of dressing!)

– toss the spinach in dressing and top with almonds


Nutrition Information (2 servings):

Calories: 335

Carbs: 26g

Protein: 46.5g

Fat: 13.5g


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