How to Reach Your Goals FAST

Do you ever feel like everything is working against you?  You have this great goal in mind, but obstacles and temptations are around every corner.   There are distractions everywhere.  Its no wonder we just want to give up.  

That’s why you have to play defense.

Align your environment with your goals, and you’ll get there faster.


The things you surround yourself with can make or break whether or not you make progress.  

If you want to lose weight, and you come home to desserts on the counter or a cabinet full of chips and crackers… something needs to change.  Stop buying the junk and fill your home with healthy fruits and vegetables instead.  And I have to say it… throw away the junk that is currently in your house too.

You can choose which restaurants to go to, or whether or not you put yourself in situations where food and alcohol will tempt you.   You can choose to read a fitness magazine instead of scanning Facebook.  The beautiful thing is, you have a choice.  Every single day, you can choose to put yourself in an environment that supports you.

If you want to start drinking more water, carry a water bottle.  If you want to workout more often, set out your workout clothes for the morning.  If you want to practice mediation, create a space in your home that feels peaceful.  

You have the power to create success in your life.  Start by looking around you, and ask how the things you see are supporting you, or hurting you.


They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.  So apparently it MATTERS who your friends are.  

Do you have anyone in your life that drags you down?  Do they get excited about your success and support you?  Or do they complain about why they haven’t succeeded yet.  These are the people I like to call wet blankets.  They just weigh you down and make you feel uncomfortable.

I’ve had to let go of some friends because our lives just weren’t headed in the same direction.  When they wanted to keep reminiscing about the past I wanted to talk about the future.  It’s not like I broke up with them, but I had to stop investing my time with them.  And it wasn’t an easy thing to do.  But let me tell you what I’ve learned…

If you surround yourself with people who want you to succeed, you will.

For the last two years, I have belonged to a small mastermind group.   Currently, I’m in an all women group, which is an incredible blessing in itself.  The friendships I’ve built “doing life” with like minded driven people continue to lift me up when I want to give up.  Seeing other people go after what they want in life motivates me to go after my dreams too.

If you have a goal to build your faith, consider joining a small group bible study.  When I went to my first bible study, I was WAY outside of my comfort zone, I mean, terrified… but I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it.  The relationships built with fellow members of my church have changed my life in a lot of ways.   I can’t imagine what life would be like had I not decided to put myself in that environment.


The thoughts you allow to dwell in your mind will either tear you down, or build you up.

If your goal is to lose weight, do you have a little voice in your head that is saying “You will probably fail.  You couldn’t do it in the past.”  What if you could replace that voice with something like “You can do this, you are doing great!”

I have a big scary goal to sell an online coaching program to help people live happier healthier lives.  For a long time, I’ve toyed with the idea, but I never thought that it was something I could do.  The little voice in my head kept saying, “Who would buy my stuff? What makes me the expert?”

Now I’m really starting to believe that this is possible for me.  Through tiny actions I’ve gained the confidence to start taking bigger actions.  I can see now that if I keep going I WILL achieve that big scary goal.

And so will you.

Turn off that little voice and start interjecting a louder more encouraging voice.  Believe that you have what it takes or that you can at least BECOME the person that has what it takes.  Tell yourself what is possible so many times that it becomes the only story you know.

Create an environment aligned with success, through the things, the people, and the thoughts that you allow to influence you.

I wish you all the best.



A sense of purpose gives us an internal desire to change and improve ourselves. It is my mission to instill within my clients a powerful reason to improve their health and well being as well as their fitness level. To achieve this, my programs are personalized and tailored to each individual and include the necessary tools, education, and motivation for men and women of all ages from beginner to advanced levels. It is my goal to help my clients reach their highest potential through scientifically proven methods of exercise, nutrition, and positive lifestyle modification.

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